This year's Morrow - Salem Township Community Christmas Dinner held on Dec. 8 was a success.  Thanks to all the volunteers and those businesses in our community who donate to provide these dinners for our residents in need.

Main Entrance Handicap ramp accessible around back & our newly sealed and striped lot.

Wedding Ceremonies:

We can accommodate small weddings with receptions to follow. There are 2 set-ups. One is for guests to sit at tables with chairs initially placed facing one direction to make an easy transition to the reception after the ceremony. The other is for both audience seating rows of chairs and some tables for smaller groups.

(If you want to completely change the room from ceremony row seating to table set-up afterwards, keep in mind this will take time and require guests to transition out of the way for a short period of time).

Photos to the left shows 8 tables to accommodate 64 people for ceremony & reception.  Two tables are set out of the way to each side of the wedding arbor that were later pulled to the middle to serve as the Bride/Groom wedding party's table.

...and Altman's DJ Service lighting up the night.

Current & Upcoming Events:

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Banquet Set-up (140 chairs)

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30th Birthday Party

Front of Building as seen from Second St.

 Main Hall Entrance around back.

For wedding receptions or ceremonies, keep in mind that you will want room for mingling & dancing, food tables, cake table, & DJ table. So guest lists of 48-80 would be comfortable.  That provides 6-10 tables of 8 people to sit at and still have space for the above mentioned items.

(The photos you see for Bingo night & Morrow Christmas Dinner is four long rows of tables banquet style with 140 chairs, food serving tables, and no dance floor space).

The 2nd Saturday of December is the Morrow & Salem Township Community Christmas Dinner every year.  We are busy helping our community so that Friday & Saturday are unavailable for rentals each year.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Children's Birthday Party

Wedding Set-up Oct. 2017

Keep scrolling down for wedding venue photos.

Some rough photos to give you an idea of the space.  Tables & chairs are arranged how you want.

New bathroom flooring completed August 2017.  No more dingy old tile!

Morrow / Salem Township Community Christmas Dinner Dec. 10, 2016.

Bingo Night table set-up.